The Sawing of the Log (or What Makes a Marriage Great)


I officiated a wedding last weekend that ended in a most unusual way. The groom is from Germany so we added a twist to an otherwise routine wedding ceremony. After the wedding party recessional, I directed the congregation to join the newlyweds for the sawing of the log – a German tradition.

The sawing of the log is the first tough task that a husband and wife do together. It symbolizes the importance of working together, communicating, helping each other, and being helped. The bride strapped on some work gloves and they worked for several minutes to saw the log in two.

It was a fun and meaningful way to celebrate their union.

As I reflected more on the sawing of the log, I began to think about other tasks that husbands and wives must learn to do together to make their marriages great:

  • the controlling of the remote
  • the walking of the dog
  • the taking of the trash
  • the washing of the dishes
  • the cooking of the meals
  • the scrubbing of the toilets
  • the cutting of the grass
  • the vacuuming of the floor
  • the washing of the clothes
  • the filing of the taxes
  • the writing of the Christmas cards
  • the bathing of the dog
  • the clipping of the coupons
  • the shopping of the groceries

Then they have children, which leads to:

  • the changing of the diapers
  • the cleaning of the vomit
  • the driving of the kids to school
  • the attending of the PTO meetings
  • the disciplining of the children
  • the shouldering of the tears

In July, Beth and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage. We haven’t sawed any logs together but we’ve done the things I listed many, many times. We’ve had a great marriage because we’ve always communicated with each other openly and honestly.

Communication is the key for any marriage to be successful.

If you’re married or planning to be married, learn the skill of communication. If you can communicate with each other, you can solve any challenge or problem that comes your way.

What else would you add to my list? :)

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