Mission 227: Sierra Leone


What country has the unhealthiest children?

According to the Welbodi Partnership and information gathered by the United Nations, the little West African country of Sierra Leone is where child health statistics are the worst in the world.

The Welbodi Partnership is working to support Sierra Leone’s only government pediatric hospital, the Ola During Children’s Hospital in Freetown, which is the referral center for sick children for the whole country and the only pediatric training facility for doctors and nurses. Currently it faces significant barriers to fulfilling this function, and often struggles to provide adequate care or training.

Their vision is for the children’s hospital to become a center of excellence in healthcare for children that will disseminate much-needed pediatric expertise and hence raise standards across Sierra Leone. As well as providing high-quality care to its own patients, the children’s hospital will train medical students, general and specialist children’s doctors, and pediatric nurses, many of whom will go on to staff other health facilities across the country.

The Welbodi Partnership works closely with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation and with child health experts worldwide, and has established a unique combination of local presence and international partnerships. Their main focus is on building local capacity, both of healthcare and management staff. They want to catalyze lasting change, and recognize that change is political, and will require a strong foundation of local support.

Click the link for more details about the Welbodi Partnership.

Mission 227 is making a donation to the children of Sierra Leone through the Welbodi Partnership. Please consider joining me.

What is Mission 227?

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