30 Years and Getting Better!


30 years ago, these love birds set the timer on their 35mm camera on a rock in the middle of a mountain stream in Tennessee and took this picture. They were on their honeymoon and had no idea what was in store for their future. They just knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.


Two years ago, the same couple happened to be in Tennessee for a wedding and they decided to find the same stream and the same rock that they posed on in 1983. They found the same exact spot and marked it with another picture. (Our only regret that day was we forgot to bring the first picture with us so that we could try to duplicate our pose!)

As we stood on the rocks of the mountain stream and thought about all of the things that have transpired since our first picture, we got emotional. We could have never dreamed that God would bless us in so many ways and with so many people. It’s been a great ride so far – and it keeps getting better!

Happy 30th Anniversary to my wonderful, beautiful wife, Beth. I love you!



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  1. shelley craft says:

    Wow! You still look the same! Great pictures with so much meaning. Awesome! Congtatulatuons and Happy Anniversary!

  2. Kayla Davis says:

    Happy 30 years!! Also, I never realized how much Bailey looks like Beth, in the first picture she looks like her so much!

  3. Shane Williams says:

    Congratulations… that’s awesome & encouraging!

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