Mission 227: Senegal


A democratic nation of 10 million people belonging to more than 20 different people groups, Senegal celebrated 50 years of independence in April 2010.  The coastal region boasts rich fishing and several large cities with some tourism and industry.  The southern region is relatively fertile but has been plagued with intermittent civil unrest.

The rest of the nation depends on the sparse agricultural resources of a land plagued by droughts, locusts, desertification, deforestation and decreasing rainfall.  The hospitals and schools are insufficient for the population, lack the necessary resources to function properly, and are continually shut down due to worker and student strikes.  Preventable and treatable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and typhoid are the leading causes of death.

Corey and Katie Garrett were called to missions in their teens, met at Wheaton College, and were married in 1998. They went to Senegal in 2000 to work on a computer school project and they’ve been there ever since.

The Garretts work among the Wolof people in and around the town of Kaffrine, which is about five hours inland from Dakar.  Virtually all the people in the area are subsistence farmers and live in a state of chronic poverty. Corey and Katie display the love of God through various projects in the areas of agriculture, running water, malaria prevention, education, and disaster relief.

Mission 227 is making a contribution today to assist the Garrett’s in their work. You can learn more about the Garretts at their page on sim.org.

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