Mission 227: Vanuatu

Vanuatu is an island paradise located in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Some 83 separate islands of varying sizes make up the Vanuatu Group. Vanuatu is often portrayed as the ultimate island getaway with 5 star resorts and hotels peppered across the islands.

However, the founders of Operation Education Vanuatu discovered that the real Vanuatu was hidden amongst the small villages that surround the cities. Spending time with the real people of Vanuatu (known as Ni-Vans), the need for help quickly became apparent. The Ni-Vans are hungry for an education which will dramatically impact their future.

The charity’s aim is to create “kit” form buildings, 6m x 6m modules, to be manufactured in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Fly ‘n Build teams travel to remote areas to erect these “kits.” Each project only takes a few days to complete. The modules can be joined together to form larger buildings, i.e., two modules together become a 6m x 12m shelter. To keep costs as low as possible and to encourage a community spirit, the charity provides the main structure of posts, trusses, and roof sheeting. The local community completes the building by constructing the walls, floors, etc. These can all be completed quite cost effectively by utilizing local materials available in each area. The integrity of the structure is strong enough to withstand Vanuatu’s tropical and cyclonic weather.

Providing some form of shelter where the children can attend school instead of classes having to meet under the nearest tree (weather permitting) provides basic amenities for the students. It also prevents sickness and provides a meeting place for the community. One simple building can make a difference in the lives of the people of Vanuatu.

Join me in supporting Operation Education Vanuatu.

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