My “Duh” Moment of the Week

7minuteworkoutI know I need a regular exercise routine. I know the importance of physical fitness. I was a Physical Education major and a PE Teacher/Coach back in the day.

So I don’t need to be convinced that I should do it. My problem has always been WHEN to do it.

In the past, when I’ve worked regular exercise into my schedule, it has always worked best for me during my lunch break. Mornings are not a good time for me to workout. Mornings are sacred. They are my time to read, pray, ponder, write, get ready for the day – and, of course, coffee. You can read Why I Don’t Do Breakfast Meetings. It’s why I don’t exercise in the morning.

By the end of the day, I’m too tired and hungry to exercise. Late at night isn’t good either.

Midday is my only option.

I thought about joining a local gym once the school year started since this is a great time of year to start a new routine.

But I’m too cheap to join a gym.

Plus, if I join the gym I have to pack a bag every day, drive there, workout, shower, etc. Then I leave the gym hungry and go home for lunch (if there’s time) or drive-thru somewhere for a non-healthy lunch. It just complicates things.

A few months ago, I found a 7 minute workout that I like. Again, my problem hasn’t been what to do but WHEN to do it.

As I’m riding down the road the other day, I had my “duh” moment. I have a workout to use that isn’t very time consuming. I have a place to do it – our sunroom. I have a time to do it. Midday when I’m home for lunch.

Why don’t I just come home around noon, change clothes, workout, and shower at home? Then I can grab something to eat from my own kitchen.

No gym fees. No eating out. No fast food.


I admit. I just started this new routine Tuesday. It is far from a habit. I’ll need to press on and be intentional about protecting two days a week to do it. I’ll try to get in one workout over the weekend. I give you permission to hold me accountable. The next time we talk or see each other, ask me if I’m working out. Hopefully, I will say “Yes.” Or, better, you’ll be able to look at me and see for yourself. :)

Simple, huh?

That’s how I like it.

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